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Content Hub

A simple way to manage live event content

Even with all the right tools in place, getting your live event content to the right audiences in the right formats and in the right quality can be a challenge. Our Content Hub automates the live content management process and opens up new possibilities for you to enhance its value.

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IP delivery with SRT

Secure, reliable, low-latency IP-based video delivery

A lower-cost alternative to satellite and fibre links using our new SRT-based services for the secure delivery of video over the internet. The open-source SRT protocol offers high quality and security, low latency and interoperability with over 450 members in the SRT alliance.

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Maximize your content's reach with the WorldFeed service

The WorldFeed service leverages the Eurovision Global Network to ensure media organizations are aware of your content and can access it using equipment they already have.

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Live broadcast-quality distribution

We've been doing this for more than 60 years. Count on us to deliver your live coverage around the world

Since 1954, the Eurovision Global Network has brought historic moments to worldwide audiences, from iconic sports and news events to the Eurovision Song Contest. Our dedicated satellite and fibre network is still making this happen today.

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Broadcast Services Management

We help sports federations and event organizers provide onsite facilities to rightsholders

We've managed sports, news, and other events for more than 60 years, so we know what broadcasters need, from multilateral and world-feed services to unilaterals, commentary positions, mix-zone positions and more.

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One Stop Shop

Report and go live from our 60+ locations worldwide

News may be unpredictable, but we can still be ready for it. Our network of international studio facilities complemented by our Eurovision Global Network ensure your correspondents deliver reliable, high-quality broadcasting from close to the action.

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Eurovision WorldLink

Distribute and access content from around the world fast, reliably and cost effectively

Our Eurovision WorldLink is a Video on Demand (VOD) platform for the media industry providing high quality video content for download in both broadcast and web quality.

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Ad Hoc Production Facilities

Report and go live from anywhere in the world

News may be unpredictable, but we can still be ready for it. Our network of international studio facilities and mobile production units, complemented by the Eurovision Global Network, means your correspondents can deliver reliable, high-quality broadcasting from close to the action. 

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Streaming services

Our streaming services are customized to the needs of sports federation and media organizations

Our streaming services enable media organizations and sports federations to distribute content online to mobile and web audiences. Every year we deliver more than 1,000 hours of live streamed sports events around the world on multiple platforms.

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File Orchestration and delivery

Enhance viewers' experience with extra content using our secure, broadcast-quality video file delivery system

Enhance viewers experience with extra content using our secure, broadcast-quality video file delivery system.

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Permanent circuits

Our satellite and fibre network offers permanent contribution links and distribution platforms

Permanent contribution links are the most secure and cost-effective way to link points of presence, such as news bureaus or foreign offices. Permanent distribution platforms make it possible to distribute the TV channel signal from the headquarters to head-ends and satellite distribution platforms.

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Audio Over IP

Commentary and coordination circuits from sport events

A simple, reliable, and cost-efficient solution for TV and radio broadcaster commentary and coordination circuits from sport events.

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Eurovision Online Platforms

We custom-build your video platform and feed it with content so you can focus on what matters

Live streaming, live-to-VOD and on-demand OTT services are standard in today's event distribution strategies. In parallel to satellite and fibre delivery to broadcasters, you also need to reach viewers directly to drive engagement using online video platforms.   

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