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Host Broadcasting

Teamwork at its best! We bring together sport federations, host cities, rightsholders and other key partners to make your event a success.

Each stakeholder wants to make their event a success, but their expectations, experience and ways of working are sometimes different. How do you connect all of the parties involved to make sure you deliver captivating coverage across platforms and maximise audience engagement/ratings? Our host broadcasting services are designed to help.

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Live production

From major international events to local projects, we plan, organise, manage and adapt our content production to meet your needs

When it comes to producing live coverage of events and preparing additional content (before, during and after the event), we are known around the world as a first choice partner for sport federations and event organisers.

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Broadcast Services Management

We help sport federations and event organisers to provide a full range of onsite facilities to rightsholders.

We have successfully managed sports, news, and culture/entertainment events for more than 60 years. As a result, we have a clear understanding of the needs of broadcasters, from multilateral and worldfeed services through to unilateral services, commentary positions, mix zone positions and more.

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Report and go live from any location worldwide

We know that news is often unpredictable, but we want to be prepared for when it happens and where it happens.

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Is your President or Prime Minister travelling to a foreign location? Rely on us for your high profile coverage needs.

With Eurovision Diplomat+ you can cut through unreliable third party providers and rely on us to deliver top quality coverage of your high profile events.

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One Stop Shop

Report and go live from any of our +60 locations worldwide.

We all know that news is often unpredictable, but we want to be prepared for when it happens and where it happens. Our network or international studio facilities, complimented by our Eurovision Global Network, allow you to expand your reach and ensure that your correspondents can deliver reliable, high quality broadcasting from a convenient location near the action.

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Special events

You concentrate on the reporting and we'll take care of the rest!

From simple stand-up positions for live programme inserts to sophisticated technical set-ups, our Special Events Team provides on the ground, temporary media services for breaking news and planned events.

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Satellite and fibre distribution

With more than 60 years' experience, you can rely on us to deliver your major sports events and breaking news around the world.

Since 1954, the Eurovision Global Network has brought significant moments to audiences around the world. From the coronation of Queen Elisabeth II and the first Eurovision Song Contest, to major football games and sporting competitions, our dedicated satellite and fibre network makes it happen.

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Eurovision WorldFeed

We know that your content is important. So, how do you distribute it and achieve global impact at the same time? We can help.

Our Eurovision WorldFeed service takes advantage of our Eurovision Global Network to ensure that media organisations around the world have immediate access to your content. With such a reach, there is no need for technical installations as most media organisations are already equipped to receive our signals.

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Eurovision WorldLink

Distribute and access content from around the world in a fast, reliable and cost effective way.

Our Eurovision WorldLink is a Video on Demand (VOD) platform for the media industry providing high quality video content for download in both broadcast and web quality.

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Streaming services

Whether you're a sports federation or media organisation, our streaming services are customized to meet your needs and extend your reach.

Our streaming services enable media organisations to distribute content online to reach mobile and web audiences in addition to traditional TV offerings. Each year we deliver more than 1000 hours of live streaming of top sports events around the world for our clients on a multitude of platforms.

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Eurovision FLEX

Easily manage the transport of your content using our software-based network controller.

Eurovision FLEX enables media organizations to deliver live and recorded content seamlessly over the internet, fibre and satellite. It is an easy, reliable and cost-effective solution that helps you adapt the way your content is delivered at the right level of quality and service.

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Eurovision NEX

Enhance your viewer's experience by offering additional content using our secure, broadcast-quality video file delivery system.

Eurovision NEX allows media organisations to complement their live coverage of events with additional content from the event venue. Simply set up your Eurovision NEX box at your premises and quickly transfer broadcast-quality video files using satellite, fibre or internet, depending on your venue's connectivity.

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Permanent circuits

Thanks to our state of the art satellite and fibre network, we offer permanent contribution links and permanent distribution platforms.

Permanent contribution links are the most secure and cost-effective way to link points of presence, such as news bureaus or foreign offices. Permanent distribution platforms make it possible to distribute the TV channel signal from the headquarters to head-ends and satellite distribution platforms.

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Eurovision Near-live clipping

Create and publish unique content: before, during and after the event!

Getting relevant content to the right audiences at the right time and on the right channel is becoming more of a challenge for sports federations who want to maximize their exposure on TV, online and other outlets such as social media. Offering various stakeholders, such as athletes and sponsors, the possibility to use certain event content on their own handles is key to ensuring the event is exposed to a wider audience. To help sports federations achieve this, we now offer a multi-outlet content production, enrichment and distribution platform!

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Remote graphics

Personalize your graphical overlays to suit audiences from different geographical locations

With more content available from events than ever before, we know it’s important for sports federations and event organisers to provide a more personalized experience for their audiences, no matter where they are in the world or which device they use.

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Eurovision Highway

Share event content in broadcast quality through a custom made video platform.

We recognise the need for media organisations and sports federations to adapt their content distribution to digital platforms and new media players. With Eurovision Highway you, too, can have a customised B2B platform to take your content to the next level.

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Save time and money by sourcing original content from around the world, anytime, anywhere!

MyWorldReporter allows you to source high-quality footage from even the most remote places around the world. Each video journalist is trained by AFP to combine the roles of cameraman, editor, technician and reporter.

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Eurovision Online Platforms

We will build your customised video platform and feed it with content.

From providing a video player to integrate on your website to creating the entire video platform, we help you to reach your online audiences. Our White label platform offering allows you to have full control on the design and branding of your site so that the final look & feel matches the event branding, your company identity or your other websites. More importantly, once the website is up and running, we will help you to operate it: Ensure the live content of your events is safely delivered to the webpage, publish your clips and highlights online, configure your video library and support your users.

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