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Live production

From major international events to local projects, we plan, organise, manage and adapt our content production to meet your needs

When it comes to producing live coverage of events and preparing additional content (before, during and after the event), we are known around the world as a first choice partner for sport federations and event organisers.

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Broadcast Services Management

We help sport federations and event organisers to provide a full range of onsite facilities to rightsholders.

We have successfully managed sports, news, and culture/entertainment events for more than 60 years. As a result, we have a clear understanding of the needs of broadcasters, from multilateral and worldfeed services through to unilateral services, commentary positions, mix zone positions and more.

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One Stop Shop

Report and go live from any of our +60 locations worldwide.

We all know that news is often unpredictable, but we want to be prepared for when it happens and where it happens. Our network or international studio facilities, complimented by our Eurovision Global Network, allow you to expand your reach and ensure that your correspondents can deliver reliable, high quality broadcasting from a convenient location near the action.

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Report and go live from any location worldwide

We know that news is often unpredictable, but we want to be prepared for when it happens and where it happens.

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News Events

You concentrate on the reporting and we'll take care of the rest!

From simple stand-up positions for live programme inserts to sophisticated technical set-ups, our News Events Team provides on the ground, temporary media services for breaking news and planned events.

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Is your President or Prime Minister travelling to a foreign location? Rely on us for your high profile coverage needs.

With Eurovision Diplomat+ you can cut through unreliable third party providers and rely on us to deliver top quality coverage of your high profile events.

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