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Eurovision Near-live clipping

Create and publish unique content - before, during and after the event!

Getting relevant content to the right audiences at the right time and on the right channel is becoming more of a challenge for sports federations who want to maximize their exposure on TV, online and other outlets such as social media. Offering various stakeholders, such as athletes and sponsors, the possibility to use certain event content on their own handles is key to ensuring the event is exposed to a wider audience. To help sports federations achieve this, we now offer a multi-outlet content production, enrichment and distribution platform!

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Eurovision Highway

Share event content in broadcast quality through a custom made video platform.

We recognise the need for media organisations and sports federations to adapt their content distribution to digital platforms and new media players. With Eurovision Highway you, too, can have a customised B2B platform to take your content to the next level.

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Save time and money by sourcing original content from around the world, anytime, anywhere!

MyWorldReporter allows you to source high-quality footage from even the most remote places around the world. Each video journalist is trained by FACTSTORY, a subsidiary of AFP, to combine the roles of cameraman, editor, technician and reporter.

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Today over 80% of the world population is using social media and spending hours every day engaging with content on these platforms. Can you afford to miss this opportunity to make an impact, tell a story and bring them to watch events on your TV channel or online platform?  

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