Key facts

+100,000 transmissions carried over the Eurovision Global Network per year!

In the first year, there was an average of one transmission per week. In 1983, the average number of programmes originated was three per day. Today, the average is more than 100,000 transmissions per year! These transmissions are carried out over the Eurovision Global Network, using up to 50 digital satellite channels. 

+4000 hours of internet streaming hours per year

Each year we deliver more than 4000 hours of internet streaming services for our clients around the world. Whether you are a sports federation or media organisation, we help you deliver top quality live and on demand video from sports events to audiences in a user-friendly, exciting way.

3 main coordination centres

We have 3 main coordination centres located in Geneva (Switzerland), Washington D.C (United States) and Singapore. Each centre is equipped to manage any transmission on the Eurovision Global Network. They support each other simultaneously to ensure smooth operations and provide 24/7 services to clients around the world. We also have a disaster recovery site in Switzerland designed to take over our operations should an emergency arise. 

More than 250 points of presence!

Permanent contribution links are the most secure and cost effective way to link points of presence, such as news bureaus or foreign offices. Our global fibre network (Eurovision FiNE) links more than 250 points of presence throughout the world, bringing together the media community.