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I registered my company but did not receive a confirmation.

Our registration process includes a credit check of the company. Therefore, it can take between 1-3 weeks to complete. If you need to book services before you receive the confirmation, please contact to arrange a pro-forma invoice at least 48 hours before your transmission start time.

What is an operation code?

An operational code, or OPS CODE, is the way we identify an organization. The first 2 letters indicate the country (e.g. IT for Italy) and the other letters identify the media organization (e.g. IT RAI). If your OPS CODE does not match the domain of your email address, your registration is automatically blocked or rejected.

I tried to register online but I could not find my company's operation code.

If your operation code does not appear on the list, it means that your company does not exist in our database. Please click here to register your company.

How do I create a user profile on the website?

To create a user profile on, click the "Login" button located on the top right corner of the website. This button will prompt you to login or create a new account. Choose "Create new account" and follow the steps to complete your profile.

I tried to create a user profile but I received an error message that says my email already exists.

Go back to the "Login" button located on the top right-hand side of the website and choose the option Try retrieving your login and password by clicking here.

Why was my user profile rejected?

If you did not register with an official broadcast company email, your registration will be blocked or you will receive an automatic refusal. We do not accept registrations with ISP addresses such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo even if these addresses are used as official company emails.

I created a user profile but I did not receive a confirmation email.

Sometimes confirmation emails appear in the spam folder. Please verify that this is not the case for you first. We also recommend that you check the operation code and your email address. If you still have not received a confirmation email, please contact us.

I created a user profile but I did not receive a login and password. does not assign logins or passwords to users. Each user is asked to create their own login and password during the registration process. Please note that each registration represents an account on with booking privileges. Your password should be secure and you should not share your login or password.

The password I chose for my user account was not accepted.

In order to choose an acceptable password, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Your password must be at least 8 characters long,
  • Your password must not contain your first name, last name login, or operation code,
  • Your password must contain upper and lower case letters as well as at least 1 number.

I lost my login and password for my user account.

If you have lost or forgotten your password, please press on the "Login" button located on the top right corner of the website and choose the option "Forgot password?" to create a new password. To go directly to the password retrieval page, click here.

How do I find more information on the Eurovision Song Contest?

The Eurovision Song Contest is managed by a separate website. To find more information on the Eurovision Song Contest, please go to:

How do I make a booking online?

Online bookings are only available to registered users after logging in. Please login to to make your booking. Users can either make a booking directly from an event page or using the bookings dashboard. All bookings placed in our online booking systems are firm and are automatically charged to your company account. Cancellation charges apply as per our cancellation policy.

How do I get a rate card?

To access our rate cards, you must login to

What is a synopsis?

A synopsis is the name given to the technical confirmation of a Eurovision transmission. The synopsis includes the reference number, date, time, origin, destination, contacts and technical details (e.g. routing on satellite/fiber and technical parameters) of the transmission.

How do I get to Eurovision Services?


Pick up a free public transportation ticket (valid for 60 minutes) from the baggage collection area, just before customs control, at the airport. Take the N° 5 bus (direction “Thônex-Vallard”) or the N° 28 bus (direction “Jardin botanique”) and get off at the “Le Pommier” bus stop. The bus ride will take around 4 minutes. Eurovision Services is a further 4 minutes walk.


The N° 5 bus (direction “Aéroport”) or the F bus (direction “Gex-Aiglette”) or the N° 22 (direction “Nations”) - they all stop at “Le Pommier”, from which Eurovision Services is a short walk.

Consult the Geneva Public Transportation Network (TPG) website to determine the fastest route from any location in Geneva. Information about schedules, routes and fares are also available. Ticket machines are available at most bus stops and on some buses, and the cost is CHF 3.-. To avoid a penalty, buy your ticket before boarding. If you are staying at a hotel, you may be offered a Geneva Transportation Card, giving you free access to public transport.


Taxis can be ordered online, by telephone (+41 22 320 2233) or at one of the many taxi stands around the city and at the airport. The fare from the airport or the train station to the Eurovision Services headquarters is roughly CHF 30 depending on traffic, the time of day, how much luggage you have and the number of passengers.

Download the directions: English, French 

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