Eurovision FLEX responds to the ever- increasing demand from broadcasters and online media professionals for live coverage, offering new ways to deliver continuous live content.

Eurovision FLEX is a self-managed digital transmission tool that enables broadcasters to deliver live content via a network layer composed of internet, fibre and satellite. The content is delivered in a secure, reliable, fast and cost-effective way. The choice of network is adapted to your needs.

Eurovision FLEX offers a:

  • • scalable solution for your transmission needs (internet, fibre or satellite)
  • • user-friendly online broadcast service portal developed with some of the world’s most reputed broadcasters
  • • global network of specialized dealers able to provide local support
  • • easy-to-use reliable service that facilitates worldwide mobility for content acquisition


Using Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G mobile networks go live immediately from anywhere without needing a satellite uplink! Send high- volume data through high-speed FTP connections on location, making Eurovision FLEX the best way to reach your target audience.

Eurovision FLEX offers multiple solutions and services that meet the demands of today’s newsgathering with the following features:

  • • Dedicated hardware appliances, mobile and fixed, for live video transmission
  • • a web portal for managing and monitoring all your live connections
  • • content aggregation and exchange worldwide


Flex Hybrid enables cost effective transmissions from Flex encoders located anywhere in the world to any standard broadcast receiver. The signal is routed via internet to one of our Media Access Gateways (e.g. Geneva, Washington, Singapore) then over our satellite or FiNE networks.

Flex Direct enables you to lower the cost of your unilateral transmissions even further by transmitting directly from a Flex encoder over the internet to your Flex receiver.

Backpack solutions – Live video using bonded 3G/4G/Wi-Fi connections for live transmission


Rack solutions – Transmitting an auto- tuned live video stream from any IP connection

Eurovision WMT Expert
  • • up to 8 mobile network channels (LTE, HSPA+, HSUPA, HSDPA and UMTS) of one or multiple operators, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection.
  • • total of 10 bonded connections on a single WMT.

Eurovision FLEX Agile 2.0 R
  • • fits between a camera body and a battery pack
  • • up to 8 X 4G modems, a LAN connection, satellite/- Ka-Sat/BGAN
  • • 32 GB of removable storage
  • • camera-mount or stand-alone
  • • fits into dedicated backpack including space for antennas and extra batteries
  Eurovision FLEX WIO
  • • 2 bonded Ethernet connections (can be expanded with 8 x 3G/4G modems)
  • • ideal backup solution for SNG trucks
  • • powers any video vehicle with a bonded wireless uplink
  • • encoder and decoder – feeds from and to any location

Eurovision FLEX IO
  • • 19-inch 1U high system IP transmitting (encoder) and receiving (decoder) terminal
  • • 2 Ethernet connections for managing equipment and connecting to public internet or the Eurovision FiNE Network

Eurovision FLEX O, O2, O4
  • • receiving (decoder) edge terminal for two or more simultaneous live broadcast video streams
  • • ability to connect over fixed networks
  • • (Eurovision FiNE, corporate internet, ADSL)


For further information please contact:

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       Rasha Hasbini
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