New EVC call management system

3 min. read

Eurovision Services implements a new call management system for its EVC customer support

In order better to serve customers who call our Eurovision Control (EVC) hotline for technical support, to establish transmissions or report incidents during transmissions, Eurovision Services has implemented a new call management system to reduce waiting and response times.

Callers to the EVC enquiring about ongoing transmissions or ones which are scheduled to start within the hour will be required to enter the synopsis reference number for the transmission they are calling about. The number entered will immediately be queried in our database and any ongoing issues will be announced so that customers know we are working on them without having to wait to speak to an engineer.

Using the synopsis number we can also route calls to the team dealing with a particular transmission. Engineers taking calls will have all the relevant information about the transmission displayed on their screen before they answer the call.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please refer to the FAQ page.

We are confident that this new system, requiring an additional input from the customer, will considerably improve the way in which calls are handled and reduce waiting and response times for urgent calls, leading to huge benefits for our customers.