EVC call management system - How to find the synopsis number for a transmission

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How to find the synopsis reference number needed when you call Eurovision Control.

The Eurovision synopsis reference number, sometimes abbreviated as SYN, is a unique number assigned to every transmission on the Eurovision Global Network. The synopsis reference number allows Eurovision Control (EVC), the Eurovision Bookings Desk or any of our project managers to identify your transmission immediately, look it up in our database and answer all your questions. Since the introduction of a new EVC call management system, all customers calling our master control room are asked to enter the synopsis reference number on the phone's keypad.


In order to keep track of transmission changes and multiple versions of technical parameters, we often add version numbers or amendment numbers to the end of the synopsis reference number. This additional information is not a part of your synopsis reference number and you do not need to enter it on your keypad when calling EVC.

There are multiple ways you can find your synopsis reference number:

Synopsis email

Once your transmission is confirmed, we send the technical parameters to your MCR by email. The document, containing all technical details and satellite/fibre parameters, is called synopsis and includes the synopsis reference number in the email subject line, header and inside the synopsis body, as indicated on the screenshot below.

Eurovision.net transmissions dashboard

All synopses issued for your organisation are also available online on the transmission dashboard of Eurovision.net. To access the transmission dashboard go to www.eurovision.net, log in and click on the transmission dashboard button on the red banner at the top of the home page.

You can also access the dashboard using the following link: https://www.eurovision.net/myeurovision/dashboard. The transmission dashboard allows you to search transmissions by date, event name, type, transmission status or the type of requested service. When using the Transmissions List view, the synopsis reference number is one of the columns displayed in the list.

When using Transmissions List view, the synopsis reference number is one of the columns displayed in the list.

You can change the number and order of columns displayed in this view by clicking on the Settings icon on the right.

To switch between the Transmissions List view and Transmissions Timeline view use the 2 icons on the right.

If you are using Transmissions Timeline view, the synopsis reference numbers are displayed on the transmission bars.

If the transmission bar is too short to display the synopsis reference number, you can either zoom in using the “+” icon on the right side of the screen or you can click on the transmission bar to open the transmission information window. The transmission information window includes all technical details for a given transmission (if they have already been issued), contacts, the option to to download or print the synopsis and other functions.

Eurovision.net event page
You can also access the synopsis reference number by going to the Events section, looking up your event and opening the event page. The list of transmissions is displayed in the “Transmissions” tab and includes a column with synopsis reference numbers. Please note that this view also shows transmissions that you haven’t booked or for which your participation isn’t confirmed yet.