Super League Triathlon

New Eurovision Services-Aurora Media Worldwide deal to extend Super League Triathlon’s global reach

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Eurovision Services and Aurora Media Worldwide renew their contribution and distribution commitment for Super League Triathlon events


Eurovision Services (ES) and Aurora Media Worldwide (AMW) have renewed their contribution and distribution deal for Super League Triathlon’s (SLT) 2023 Championship Series, giving a further boost to the sport’s global audience growth.  

In addition to onsite satellite uplink and distribution services, Eurovision Services will give intro programming and event previews—free of rights and distribution charges—to the hundreds of broadcasters networked to its WorldFeed and WorldLink services, which blend satellite distribution, a 30-day VOD facility, and content promotion. 

The WorldFeed/WorldLink service enables media companies worldwide to broadcast expertly packaged triathlon content to enhance programming across multiple channels and reach new viewers in unexplored markets. 

For the third year running, Eurovision Services will cover SLT’s fifth anniversary events in London (27 August), Toulouse (3 September), Malibu (30 September), and Neom (21 October), as it did for the 2023 SLT Arena Games Triathlon (AGT) powered by Zwift, in the spring.

Broadcasters with a Eurovision Services account can access the relevant information directly HERE.