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General Information

Event number: 48515
Date: 18 - 25/08/2021
Booking deadline: 13/08/2021

Booking contact

+41 22 717 29 00

Technical information

Signal Description: Dirty Feed (With Graphics)
Language of graphics: English

Onsite facilities

FILL IN ALL TECHNICAL REQUESTS IN THE BOOKING SYSTEM (also the ones not invoiced by Infront) https://eventsweb.infrontsports.com

(for last minute requests contact INFRONT Int. Production Coordinator on-site Diego Faverzani: Diego.Faverzani@infrontsports.com +39 3481513665 - always copy eurovolley@infrontsports.com)

Contacts for ISDN/IP Lines in commentary positions or Mixed Zone: TBA asap

Deadline for on-site facilities bookings : 23/07/2021


Accreditations are to be processed via online system at the following link https://accreditation.cev.eu/mainfreerequest/event/1691/media?pcat=RME

OPENING ACCREDITATIONS: the online system will open for "Rights Holders" at the end of next week, mid July. Please wait its opening (please do not insert requests as HB, already open, unless you are HB) then process your accreditation requests.

DEADLINE ACCREDITATIONS: all accreditation requests for the Women's tournament must be filled in within 01/08/2021.

NOTE: an Accreditation Guideline has been uploaded into the Infront Booking System (https://eventsweb.infrontsports.com), please follow the instructions as outlined

Host Broadcaster

Infront Italy Spa

In partnership with RU TELEKOM - Please contact Infront Int. Production Coordinator on-site Diego Faverzani: Diego.Faverzani@infrontsports.com +39 3481513665 / always copy: eurovolley@infrontsports.com

Rights owner

Infront Italy Spa

TV Coordinator on-site Michele Camarda: (Michele.Camarda@ext.infrontsports.com +39 3346202233)

- always copy: eurovolley@infrontsports.com



INFRONT TV Coordinator on-site: Michele Camarda (Michele.Camarda@ext.infrontsports.com +39 3346202233)

INFRONT Int. Production Coordinator on-site: Diego Faverzani (Diego.Faverzani@infrontsports.com +39 34815136659)

- always copy: eurovolley@infrontsports.com

Programme and timings


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