World Athletics Cross Country Championships - Bathurst


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General Information

Event number: 51895
Date: 18/02/2023

Booking contact

+41 22 717 29 00

Technical information


HD-SDI 1080i/50


Track 1 English Commentary with Mixed International Sound Left

Track 2 English Commentary with Mixed International Sound Right

Track 3 International Sound Left (M&E)

Track 4 International Sound Right (M&E)

Track 5 Integrated Feed - PA/DA listen (Keyed)

Track 6 Integrated Feed - Producer listen (Keyed)

Track 7 Clean English Commentary with no International Sound

Track 8 Public Address

Track 9 RAIS Sound Left

Track 10 RAIS Sound Right

Event disciplines:

The World Athletics Cross Country Championships consists of the following events:

• Senior Race: Men & Women (10km)

• U20 Race: Men (8km) & Women (6km)

• Relay: Mixed (8km)

Onsite facilities

Shabir Sharif - Head of RHB Services


Accreditation should be requested through the World Athletics Series Broadcasters Accreditation

System (WAS-BAS). Please visit:

If accessing the system for the first time, you will need to set-up an account. If you have already set-up

an account please use your existing credentials.

Information on visa applications for foreign media are also available on the WAP RHB Portal.

Host Broadcaster

World Athletics Productions

Rights owner

European Broadcasting Union/Union Européenne de Radiotélévision
Elissavet Arapi

Programme and timings


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