Eurovision Debate 2024 - Lead Candidates


On 23 May, the final debate between the Lead Candidates for the presidency of the European Commission will take place in Brussels from 15:00-16:45 CET. The Eurovision Debate will be broadcast on public service media channels and online platforms across Europe and distributed to news organizations globally by Eurovision News, and the European Parliament’s Europe by Satellite service. 

General Information

Event number: 54349
Date: 22 - 23/05/2024

Booking contact

+41 22 717 29 00

News events contact

+41 22 717 28 40


For the first time, the public will also have the opportunity to participate in the debate. Thanks to collaborations between EBU Members and European Parliament Liaison Offices the debate will be brought live to all EU capital cities, so that voters can engage with the debate live and in real time.


Please find below the terms and conditions according to which the programme (indicated below) is made available for live broadcast by the European Parliament and/or by broadcasters, including  members of the European Broadcasting Union and non-members, interested in the programme (indicated below as “taker” or “takers”) on the following platforms : TV, RADIO, AND ALL DIGITAL PLATFORMS WHICH ARE EDITORIALLY CONTROLLED AND VISUALLY BRANDED/IDENTIFIED AS OWNED BY THE TAKERS.


Date and Venue: 23 May 2024, European Parliament in Brussels.

Time (CET): 1445 Signal opens. 1500 Debate starts. 1645 Expected end of the debate.

Duration: One hour and 45 minutes.

The programme is produced and distributed by the European Broadcasting Union for broadcast by the takers.

Please note there will be two forms of feed available: the “main feed” (with graphics) and the “clean feed” (without graphics) which have different restrictions. Both forms of feed will have a variety of audio channels carrying live interpretation, which will differ depending on how you are receiving the signal.

Terms and Conditions

Rate card: at no fee for all takers, excluding however technical reception charges (if any) that will be charged to takers individually.

Use: Takers are entitled to use the programme in their international, national, regional, or local news and/or current affairs programming/services only. No satirical use is permitted. No distribution to third parties.

Only the “main feed” may be used for live distribution in real time. The “clean feed” may not be distributed live in real time, nor be published or broadcast in full at any time, on any platform. The “clean feed” may be used only for news editing as described below.

Translation/dubbing/subtitling/editing: takers are entitled to translate, dub, subtitle the programme and to make normal news editing of the programme for news and/or current affairs purposes provided that the translation, dubbing, subtitling and/or editing do not distort and/or do not alter the content of the programme or the meaning of what was said and is done in accordance with the following core values: impartiality, independence, fairness, respect, accuracy, etc. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any translation, dubbing, subtitling and/or editing is subject to the takers’ sole responsibility who shall bear all liabilities in connection with any claim arising out thereof.

Re-use and archiving: takers are entitled to archive and use the programme up to 30 (thirty) calendar days following the programme date (indicated above). After the aforementioned 30 (thirty) calendar days, takers are entitled to broadcast the programme only where the programme is part of their news and/or current affairs programming/services. Special pre-existing arrangements between the European Broadcasting Union and a taker are reserved.

Re-use and archiving: NEWS EXCHANGE PARTICIPANTS (as defined here, excluding content partners: FULL RIGHTS  

Exclusivity: no exclusivity


Any use of the programme other than specified above is not permitted. It is the responsibility of each taker to ensure that the broadcast of the programme is made in compliance with their applicable national laws and that the national requirements pertaining to the coverage of the programme (if any) are met in their territory. The European Broadcasting Union makes no express representations in that respect.

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