Uplink procedure*

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Learn what you need to know before, during and after your transmission.

*This information is provided to SNG operators as a reminder. It is highly recommended the official ITU-R.SNG-1710 is studied in detail in order to understand the line-up process and avoid any unintentional access and possible interference caused by incorrect access.

Before your transmission - what do you need to know?

  • Your transmission reference (also called "synopsis number", e.g. 19-123456)
  • Your transmission timings (in UTC) and the transmission parameters confirmed for your booking: 
    • Satellite and transponder
    • Channel name
    • Uplink and downlink frequency
    • FEC
    • Symbol rate, pilot insertion
    • TS value
    • Encoding standard, aspect ration
    • Encryption key

Contact numbers

EVC Geneva: +41 22 717 27 90

Eutelsat: +33 45 57 06 66

Asiasat: +852 2600 9294 / 9295

SES: +31 70 306 41 42

Intelsat: +1 404 381 2600

ABS: +63 47 252 9012

APSTAR: +852 2600 2224

Step-by-step line-up procedure

  • Using satellite beacon frequency, point your antenna to the satellite.
  • Set your spectrum analyzer to the downlink frequency in order to monitor the carrier.
  • Set the transmitter to standby mode at maximum attenuation.
  • Set your equipment (main and backup transmission chains):
    • enter parameters into the encoder and connect source of the signal to its input,
    • clearly identify your main and backup uplink chains by service name (eg. SNG CODE_1 & SNG CODE_2),
    • connect the encoder TS output to the modulator,
    • prepare your modulator for given TS and symbol rate/FEC.
  • 20 minutes before the transmission call EVC Geneva (please have your transmission reference ready) to verify the transmission parameters.
  • The EVC Geneva will confirm whether you can access the satellite channel.
  • 15 minutes before the transmission call the satellite provider (see contact phone numbers above) and follow the line-up procedure.
  • You will be asked to provide:
    • earth station registration code,
    • satellite, transponder, frequency slot allocation, and uplink polarization.
  • Be ready to follow satellite operator's instructions:
    • transmit signals at different power levels (both unmodulated and modulated),
    • peak the transmit antenna, and rotate/adjust the transmission antenna polarizer.
  • When the line-up is completed call back EVC Geneva and test your transmission settings including encryption of both main and backup chains and do your transmission.
  • Make sure that the EVC Operator has your phone number for further use.

During the transmission

  • Never leave your station. Make sure that you are always reachable by phone.
  • Permanently monitor your downlink (audio/video) and spectrum analyzer.
  • Do not forget to inform EVC about any changes of schedule, extension etc.
  • SNG must respect the power levels given during the line-up procedure.

After the transmission

  • Check with the production on site and make sure that program is finished.
  • Call EVC to “goodnight” your transmission and reconfirm the end timing (in UTC).
  • Make sure that your carrier is de-activated and the transmit chain is switched off.