Change of carrier parameters for DVB-S2 MUX (Asian distribution)

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Eurovision Services operates a DVB-S2 36 MHz multiplexer on transponder C02V (downlink central frequency 3,700 MHz) of AsiaSat-5, located at 100.5° East.

Eurovision Services is transferring this multiplexer and all of its associated services from transponder C02V to transponder C06V, with a downlink central frequency of 3,860 MHz.

AsiaSat-5 C06V transponder has the same bandwidth (36 MHz), the same polarization (vertical downlink) and the multiplexer has the same modulation parameters and configuration.

Please note, Eurovision Services will provide a dual illumination period of two months to allow a smooth transfer for all of the reception points.

In order to be prepared for the reception of Eurovision Services from the new carrier, we kindly ask that you download and read the document in full.  

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Please download and read the document in full. 

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