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DVB-S2X test transmissions over Europe

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Eurovision Services is testing DVB-S2X satellite transmissions over Europe to help accelerate its network optimisation plans

Due to increasing demands from our partners as well increasing pressure on the availability of satellite capacity, Eurovision Services has decided to accelerate its network optimisation. To be able to choose or add for instance DVB-S2X or NS4 technologies, Eurovision Services is organising free-of-charge DVB-S2X test transmissions throughout the summer. If these tests are successful, we will further accelerate the network optimisation in the following months.

To allow media organisations to test the configuration of their DVB-S2X enabled IRDs, Eurovision Services will be transmitting a weekly test signal over Europe on the following dates and times:



Monday 4th July 2022 0900-1700 GMT
Monday 11th July 2022 0900-1700 GMT
Monday 18th July 2022 0900-1700 GMT
Monday 25th July 2022 0900-1700 GMT
Monday 1st August 2022 0900-1700 GMT
Monday 15th August 2022 0900-1700 GMT
Monday 22nd August 2022 0900-1700 GMT
Monday 29th August 2022 0900-1700 GMT


These test transmissions can be booked in the usual way via our online booking tool. During the above-mentioned periods, media organisations can check that their DVB-S2X enabled IRDs can receive the test transmission and decode it correctly. The test signal will show a promotional video for Eurovision Services on a continuous loop.

Procedure to follow if the test transmission is successfully received:

  • Send a confirmation e-mail to with the subject "[Your operation code e.g. GBBBC] + Synopsis reference no. + date"
  • In the message body, please include the brand, model and serial number of your decoder(s)

Procedure to follow if the test transmission is not successfully received:

  • Please contact your equipment vendor. Eurovision Services will not provide technical support or troubleshooting for IRDs
  • It is the sole responsibility of broadcasters to ensure that their IRDs are compliant with the DVB-S2X standard and to carry out the necessary compatibility tests

Please note that this test signal will only be transmitted over Europe.

For more information:

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