Eurovision Services coordinated all international transmissions related to the first Emirati astronaut’s mission to the International Space Station, from 25 September – 3 October 2019.

Hazzaa Al Mansouri became the first person from the United Arab Emirates in space last week after he launched aboard the Soyuz MS-15 rocket bound for the International Space Station (ISS). The former F-16 pilot stayed on board the ISS for an eight-day mission that included a number of experiments on temporal perception, bone condition and the cardiovascular system, to name just a few.

Eurovision Services managed all international transmissions related to the mission, including the live feed of the launch from Baikonur, Kazakhstan and the feed from the ISS provided by NASA TV, using fibre and space capacity on its Eurovision Global Network and through the dedicated and permanent connectivity it provides to Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) for Dubai TV. Eurovision Services also coordinated between the DMI satellite desk and main control room, as well as ITL Karaganda in Kazakhstan and with NASA TV to connect to the ISS.

“With the coordination of Eurovision Middle East, this operation has only been possible thanks to the full support of Eurovision teams from the headquarters in Geneva, as well the offices in Washington DC, New York and Moscow,” said Jorge Simao, Eurovision Middle East Bureau Chief.

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