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Eurovision Services will provide contribution and distribution for the new Ultimate Tennis Showdown

Eurovision Services is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with the brand-new Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS) for the contribution and worldwide signal distribution of the innovative new tennis league.

With many sports slowly adapting to the “new normal” as the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic slowly recedes in certain areas, Serena Williams’s coach Patrick Mouratoglou has found a way not just to bring tennis fans a new, spectator-free tennis competition, but to revolutionise the sport at the same time. And he doesn’t mince his words.

“Most tennis traditionalists justify their drive for inaction by the fact they supposedly love tennis more,” he says. “If you really love tennis, you want it to survive, to live, to develop. Loving tennis, in my opinion, is embracing change so that our sport doesn’t fall behind the other sports.”

His concept for the development of tennis is the Ultimate Tennis Showdown, which aims to change the way that tennis is played, watched and consumed, with faster paced matches and a lighter code of conduct that aims to let players show their emotions more. Viewers can expect to hear conversations between the players and their coaches, since on-court and video coaching will be allowed.

UTS is a year-round league, starting with a first showdown series event, UTS1, which will featurie 10 of tennis's best and most spectacular players. The truly impressive field includes 4 top 10 players: Dominic Thiem, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Matteo Berrettini, and David Goffin.

The UTS1 matches start on 13 June and will be held on a specially adapted court at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy on the French Riviera, featuring HD screens and speakers. Eurovision Services has been chosen to provide the contribution and global satellite distribution for the five consecutive weekends of UTS1.

“It’s great to see new live sports formats emerging in these highly challenging times,” said Marco Tinnirello, CEO of Eurovision Services. “Quality and reliability take on even greater importance when you have no spectators and your only audience is on live broadcast, so I’m delighted that UTS has turned to an experienced broadcast services company like Eurovision Services to provide the contribution and global satellite distribution for this exciting new competition format.”