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Eurovision Services has signed an agreement with RTP for the renewal of optical fibre connection from Washington, D.C. to Lisbon.

The renewal starts on 01 September 2020, covers the next three years and includes an upgrade to an 11 Mbps permanent HD video circuit from the RTP Correspondents Office in Washington, D.C. to RTP headquarters in Lisbon. The permanent circuit offers dedicated and guaranteed bandwidth on the fully-secured Eurovision global fibre network via at least two paths between the two endpoints.

Permanent circuits are part of Eurovision Services core business and are the most secure and cost-effective way to link points of presence such as foreign news bureaus with their head offices. Eurovision Services has 250 points of presence on its Eurovision Global Network that offers 24/7 availability with guaranteed bandwidth for unlimited usage, as well as satellite back-up and disaster recovery.

“The EBU’s latest research shows that public service media are among the most trusted sources of information on the COVID-19 crisis and PSM has therefore seen a huge increase of viewers across all of their platforms,” says Eurovision Services CEO, Marco Tinnirello. “As a result, the volume of EBU Member traffic we are carrying over the Eurovision Global Network has increased significantly. RTP’s renewal of its existing fibre link with an upgrade to HD confirms this positive development. As an EBU company we are pleased that EBU Member RTP has placed its continued trust in Eurovision Services.”