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General Information

Event number: 49286
Date: 11 - 12/12/2021
Event website: www.owc.ee
Booking deadline: 10/12/2021

Booking contact

+41 22 717 29 00

Technical information

Signal Description: Dirty Feed (With Graphics)
Language of graphics: ENGLISH

Onsite facilities

PLEASE ALWAYS FILL IN ALL TECHNICAL REQUESTS IN THE BOOKING SYSTEM https://eventsweb.infrontsports.com (LOC-related technical bookings such as power in MZ, containers and platforms, are also managed by Infront via Booking System).

+ for actual booking of on-site facilities managed by POSTIMEES such as commentary positions, please also contact: Mr Villi Vilepill, booking@worldfeed.eu 

Late requests managed on site by Infront: contact Gianni Paolella Gianni.Paolella@infrontsports.com (Mob: +39 366 586 3359) cc: ski@infrontsports.com

ISDN and IP/DSL lines requests to booking@worldfeed.eu

For Internet in MixedZone please contact Villi Vilepill: villi@telemode.ee Mobile: +372 56294092

CIS monitors in the MZ contact Swiss Timing: flatau.t@st-sportservice.com; brylla.r@st-sportservice.com; Leonhardt.L@st-sportservice.com

Deadline for on-site facilities bookings : 20/11/2021


Please contact: Federico Margini, Federico.Margini@infrontsports.com - mobile: +39 345 6659537 and cc: ski@infrontsports.com


Host Broadcaster

AS Eesti Meedia

POSTIMEES GRUPP (is former Eesti Meedia):

- Kulno Kägu: kulno.kagu@levira.ee mob + 372 5680 4006

Rights owner

Infront Italy Spa

TV Rights to be negotiated with Infront Italy. Please contact Federico Margini, federico.margini@infrontsports.com and cc: ski@infrontsports.com mobile: +39 345 6659537


Infront TV Coordinator on site: Federico Margini, federico.margini@infrontsports.com (Mob: +39 345 6659537) and cc: ski@infrontsports.com

Infront TV Producer on site: Gianni Paolella, gianni.paolella@infrontsports.com (Mob: +39 366 586 3359) cc: ski@infrontsports.com

Hotel Contact: Merlin Müür merlin@tehvandi.ee  mob +372 51 57487


Programme and timings


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