MDS - Summer Paralympic Games 2021


We’re pleased to be coordinating this event and distributing it over the Eurovision Global Network. Make sure you're ready. Book your services now.

General Information

Event number: 44850
Date: 24/08 - 06/09/2021
Booking deadline: 30/06/2021

Booking contact

+41 22 717 29 00
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More than 400 hours are available on the 4 MDS channels.

4 MDS Channels are available over Europe only. Booking per transmission or package is possible. 

4 MDS Distribution over Americas (SES-14) and Asia (Asiasat 5) is available on best-effort delivery basis.

Daily Highlights 2 will be available on an MDS Channel.  Daily Highlights 1 and News Edit will be available on a Unilateral channel, but considered as Multilateral for invoicing and can be added to the package.

The transmissions not available in the MDS channels are bookable as Unilateral.  Please book online.

Technical information

Satellite Distribution :

Europe, Asia: 22HD 10_50

Americas: 22HD 10_60

The signals will be either DVBS2 8PSK SCPC or NS4 16APSK Hypermux depending on availability.  Please note that the following are required to receive NS4 signals:

- Novelsat NS2000 demodulators with at least firmware version 6.1

- NS4 license

- DRM license

Signals can be also available at BT Tower or turn-around to any International gateway under special request.

Audio Configuration :

Audio 1 & 2 : Stereo International Sound

Audio 3 : English Commentary

Audio 4 : N/A

All bookings need to be made on-line.  For information regarding a package rate card, please contact :

Boris Vandel ( and Jihee Park (  Please include on copy. 

Onsite facilities

Deadline for on-site facilities bookings : 15/07/2021


For EBU Members : Please liaise with Ms Bettina Vecchi, who will coordinate directly with Tokyo 2021 Accreditation team.

For non-EBU Members : please liaise with your Rights Holder to coordinate.

Host Broadcaster

OBS - Olympic Broadcasting Services S.L.

Rights owner

Non-EBU members:


Ms. Raquel Rozados:

Miguel Buhigas:

EBU members:

Alexis Vapaille
+41 22 717 28 17

Programme and timings


Rate card

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