Ukraine - Russia Conflict


Russian troops continue to move through Ukraine and taking multiple locations around the country, with the capital city Kyiv under attack. Around the world, protests are taking place against the military actions in Ukraine.

Eurovision News Events is offering live positions in various locations to help you cover this major news story including in Kyiv, Moscow, New York City, Washington DC, Brussels and along the Polish border. 

General Information

Event number: 50031
Date: 12/02/2022 - 01/06/2023

News events contact

+41 22 717 28 40


Eurovision News Events is offering live stand-up positions:

*From KYIV  with a view of the column on Independence Square in Kyiv, Ukraine. (3hr lead time required)

*From the Polish border, Customizable solutions are available upon request.

*From Moscow, including a position at the Patriarch Bridge.

*From Washington DC overlooking the White House or at the US Capitol

*From New York City at the United Nations in our studio or on press island (upon request)

*From Brussels, where international institutions are discussing punitive measures against Russia's actions

Please contact Eurovision News Events for any more details on what we can offer to cover this international event. 

To book a fixed duration, static live shot from Kiev please contact



Maydan Nezaleznosti, 1, streetside in the square


Onsite facilities

+41 22 717 29 00
Kyiv coordination (News Events)
+41 22 717 28 40
Kyiv IFB (primary)
+380 99 408 5125
Kyiv IFB (secondary)
+380 50 330 3412
Moscow Bridge coordination
+7 495 221-49-81
Moscow Bridge IFB
+7 985 110-32-06


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