WorldLink FAQ

1.  What is WorldLink?

WorldLink is a new Eurovision service, a video on demand (VOD) platform for the broadcast industry, that reaches around 20,000 content users around the world. It allows content providers to distribute their video material to the widest possible audience, and users to find the content they are looking for, whether it's news or sports, science or religion.

2.  What is different about this service?

What makes it different from the usual satellite distribution and our already established World Feed, for instance, is versatility. Content is not restricted by either time or location - it is available directly on your desktop, anywhere you want, anytime you want it, at the same broadcast quality you are used to receiving it today.

3.  Who should use WorldLink?

WorldLink connects content providers to the rest of the world, so it is designed to be used by content creators who want to see their product distributed as widely as possible and as quickly as possible, as well as to content users - media companies who want to have video stories available 24/7, on their servers, without needing to search far and wide or without waiting for specific satellite feed times.

4.  How does it work?

Very simply. Providers send their video material, accompanied by all the information relevant to the pictures, and the WorldLink team transcodes it, packages it, promotes it, sends it to broadcasters and stores it. The video, along with all the technical and editorial metadata, will also be available on the WorldLink server, on a user-friendly database that is easy to access and search.

5.  What is the difference between the three types of WorldLink products?

WorldLink Rights Free is exactly what it says - everybody has access, there are no restrictions and no costs involved. TV Rights is a WorldLink for which the provider has decided to control access to a chosen list of partners; broadcasters who do not have a rights agreement with the provider will not have access to the video. WorldLink Premium involves a certain amount of costs - either in royalties, or in fees in the case of rights free material; access will be restricted to those who have confirmed their agreement to cover it.

6.  What are my advantages as a content creator?

Where to start? First, you are able to distribute your pictures in a fast and cost effective way to Eurovision's distribution list; this list has been built over the years on the basis of our reputation and efficiency. Second, you will have a whole team working for you - coordinating, producing, checking - to give you the most comprehensive VOD service, within one of the most reputable companies in the broadcasting business. And finally, the WorldLink server comes with archiving capabilities, so we are able to store and make your material available for as long as you want up to one year.

7.  What kind of technical quality can I expect?

A flash version for the web, and a standardized broadcast quality version that is top range, better than anything else you will find in any VOD service. It's for you to choose: we transcode and do the rest.

8.  How do I go about distributing my video material?

All you need to do is contact us and detail your needs. We will create a package that addresses these needs. Once we have received the video and script, we will deal with all distribution, technical and editorial issues, as well as brand your product for the highest impact.

9.  How fast can I get it out there?

How fast do you want it? Once both the video and information are on our servers, it is a matter of hours. All you need to remember is that the existence of a script ranks highly when it comes to impact, and that we can downgrade to the desired technical quality, but never upgrade.

10.  What are my advantages as a user?

Availability and ease. After being at the forefront of satellite distribution with our World Feed service, Eurovision has both the know-how and the resources to give you the most variety of stories, be it news, sports, or entertainment. This means there is no need to use several different services offering different types of content from different areas of the world. WorldLink covers all subjects from all origins. And with an easy-to-use platform, available anytime, from anywhere, as long as you are connected to the Internet, WorldLink is unbeatable as a source of top quality video material packaged in the most convenient way possible.

11.  How do I get a hold of video material?

If you are not already registered with Eurovision, register first. Then you will have access to all the information you may need, as well as all our other services. To register, go to here and follow the instructions. The process only takes a few minutes of your time; if you encounter difficulties, please call us at +41 22 717 28 22. We are happy to help. If your company is already registered, then all you need to do is request a WorldLink log-in by clicking here. Once logged in, you will find all the WorldLink video stories available, categorized by subject, together with all the information you may need. You will be surprised how easy it is!

12.  What do I do if I cannot open my broadcast quality file ?

If you have problems opening the broadcast quality video that we propose, please install VLC media player available for free at the following address:

13.  How do I find the right video material?

If you are looking for a specific story, first steps are as above; the search function will appear in the upper right hand corner. It works in Google fashion - just type in as many key words as you can to narrow down the search, and WorldLink will take you to the right page. You can preview the video, or you can just start downloading!

14.  Where do I find the right information?

Everything is on the same page - whether it's the script (storyline and shotlist) or the restrictions, all the information you need will be there, ready to use, before you have even finished downloading.

15.  How do I get in touch with rights holders?

If the story you are looking for is in the "TV Rights" category and you do not own the rights, or you are not sure about the rights, we will, of course, help you get in touch with the rights holder. Just send us a message detailing who you represent and what particular story or event you are interested in, and we will relay your request to the provider. Unless some other broadcaster in your area acquired an exclusivity, getting access should not pose difficulties.