For Content Users

If you are one of around 20,000 broadcasters regularly downlinking video material from the Eurovision, then our new Video on Demand (VOD) service is for you: WorldLink is a fantastic new source for professional video content delivered to your desktop via the Internet.

When you're looking for video content, it can be a long and often confusing process. You have to hunt for the video on multiple web sites, and then you have to navigate the mine field of rights and access issues.

Eurovision has solved that problem for you by bringing you three possible sources for the sports, news, entertainment, government and religion-related video content you're looking for:

1. "Free of rights" material accessible to everyone; if you're not registered on the website, you will need to register before access to WorldLink can be granted. For WorldLink Rights Free video available, click here.

2. "TV Rights" material available to rights holding partners only; if you do not hold the rights, but wish to acquire them, we will help you get in touch with the rights holder. For a list of WorldLink TV Rights video available, click here.

3. "Premium" material from rights holders and available to users at a fee established by content creators . For a list of Premium WorldLink video material available and more information, click here.

With these three options, Eurovision, the leading name in content distribution for the broadcast industry, will help you connect to the rest of the world in just a few clicks: WorldLink content means permanent access to top quality, professional video, anytime, anywhere.

If you need more information, or help signing up, contact us at +41 22 717 2822 or at