For Content Providers

WorldLink is an extremely fast and effective Internet-based platform for distributing your broadcast quality video both professionally and securely all over the world. If you are a content creator, you are probably already using our World Feed distribution platform; this is an extension to that service that will add value to your content by making it accessible 24/7 and available for longer periods of time through our archiving service.

As the largest and the most comprehensive global distribution platform, WorldLink gives you two options:

1. You may choose to distribute free of rights material accessible to all broadcasters with only one proviso - that they register for the Eurovision website, if they are not one of the 3,000 clients already registered.

2. Or, you may distribute your material to rights holding partners only and at your sole discretion. This option gives you the freedom to restrict the download to a list of approved broadcasters and/or those who have specifically purchased broadcasting rights.

We know that you are interested in reaching as many potential users of your material as quickly and as professionally as possible. With WorldLink, you will be achieve that objective in a user-friendly, cost effective way, that gives you the additional advantage of timelessness your content will be there, ready to use, anytime, anywhere.

Please contact us at +41 22 717 2822 or at for rates and additional information.