About WorldLink

What is WorldLink?

WorldLink, the latest addition to the Eurovision services, is a video on demand (VOD) platform for the broadcast industry, with more than 3,000 registered media companies, that reaches around 20,000 content users around the world. The content sources are diverse and can vary from governmental organizations and sports federations, to production companies, non-profit agencies and commercial companies. And the content we distribute matches that variety: from daily news and features, to sports events and the latest product launch, there is nothing on the news that is not our business.

What does it offer?

For content creators, WorldLink, offers the largest VOD global distribution platform, the quickest way to news desks, sports departments and businesses, and the most comprehensive VOD service you are likely to find in the professional broadcasting industry put simply, it offers the perfect means to send out your message with the greatest possible impact. For broadcasters at the other end, WorldLink offers the most reliable one stop free shop for news and features, no matter what their priorities or areas of interest. Initially introduced in 2006 as a World Feed via satellite, this Eurovision service has seen its client as well as distribution base grow exponentially until, by the end of 2009, it had become one of the most important platforms for world-wide access for both news and sports events. Building its strength on the success, variety and comprehensiveness of the World Feeds, WorldLink now offers a complete Internet distribution service, just one click away, 24/7, including archiving options ranging from one month to one year.

Why us?

Because WorldLink is not only one of the most simple and effective platforms of video distribution, it is also one of the most cost-effective ways to make a comprehensive splash. As part of Eurovision, an organisation with a long lasting reputation of excellence, the WorldLink team takes care of every aspect of the distribution, every step of the way, according to your needs:

- Production, editing and packaging of the end product in cooperation with EPC (our Eurovision production service);
- Coordination from our offices in Geneva and around the world;
- Handling the information and marketing the content;
- Internet distribution at various technical levels, from Internet quality to broadcast quality either SD or HD;
- Satellite distribution in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas via our World Feed service;
- Final reporting and prominently filing the material for use by broadcasters, wherever they are, whenever they want it.

In order to achieve the widest possible coverage, the service has three different options:

WorldLink Rights Free, for material to be distributed free of rights for set costs according to clients preferences;
WorldLink TV Rights, where clients set the restrictions and Eurovision takes care of the rest;
WorldLink Premium, rights-free content that broadcasters themselves chose and are responsible for financially.

For any questions or queries, check the FAQ or e-mail us at worldlink@eurovision.net, or call us at +41 22 717 2822.