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Eurovision IP Services

Eurovision's IP-based Xtranet and File Transfer services allow content sent over satellite to be processed by dedicated Eurovision SuperPOP (Point of Presence) servers, located on broadcaster's premises, and stored as digital files.

Using a unique technology solution, standard-format files (MXF, GXF and others) are generated from the satellite video stream by the Eurovision SuperPOP. These broadcast quality video files can be seamlessly integrated into digital production or newsroom systems, while low-resolution versions can be viewed from any web browser.

Eurovision's SuperPOP technology ensures that content can be centrally managed, easily integrated into digital production suites and further adapted for streaming or other multimedia use. Eurovision's use of the SuperPOP as an enhanced delivery mechanism for the Eurovision News Exchanges means that over 100 news and sports items are available to Eurovision Members as broadcast-quality digital files each day.

Our services:
  • Rapid availability of digital media files
  • Metadata and low-resolution video accessible online from any browser
  • Broadcast quality ensured
  • HDTV ready
  • Customised high and flexible bandwidth solutions for broadcast and non-broadcast use