BEST Broadband Eurovision Services and Transmissions

Broadband and broadcasting are rapidly converging. At Eurovision, we recognize that broadband success for broadcasters, federations and rights holders lies in doing what they do best. The key is to provide compelling content in a way that is controllable, reliable and financially viable. The BEST portfolio of products and services from Eurovision offers a complete, integrated and flexible answer. BEST enables broadcasters and sports federations to exploit their sports new media rights for broadband video efficiently and cost effectively.

Demand for online video is increasing. BEST offers a flexible end-to-end platform that allows clients to control the production, presentation and geographical distribution of their coverage.


Eurovision offers BEST in a suite of packages:


  • BEST Stream Ready: For online sports portals, broadcasters and rights holders, this service provides instant encoding of live and on-demand video. Video is streamed by Eurovision BEST or published to a content delivery network of choice.
  • BEST Media Stream: A fully featured end-to-end online video solution for sports federations and event organisers. Offered in three versions, it gives clients the power to implement a branded, configurable and expandable streaming video portal quickly and easily. See examples at World Rowing Live or Biathlonworld TV.
  • BEST Geo Stream gives broadcasters full geographic control over their video and audio content distribution. Viewing can be restricted to a specific country,region or can be made available worldwide.


Our BEST services include:

  • Encoding and recording of transmissions in standard internet streaming formats
  • Streaming distribution with geographical control
  • Turn key video applications for branded channels
  • Professional services
  • Tailor-made solutions


For further information please contact:

Eurovision Marketing
  +41 22 717 20 20