14th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) 2018, Hangzhou (CHN)


Around 1000 elite athletes from 170 countries will join the most important FINA swimming meet of 2018. The competition venue, also known as “Mini Lotus”, is a newly built 10,000 seat Tennis Centre located within the Hangzhou Olympic and International Expo Centre. A temporary competition pool and pool deck will be constructed on top of the main arena of the Tennis Centre.

General Information

Event number: 41729
Date: 09 - 16/12/2018

Booking contact

+41 22 717 29 00

Technical information

Video: HD 1080/50i

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Audio: LIVE

Channel 1: International Sound Stereo L

Channel 2: International Sound Stereo R

Channel 3: FINA English Commentary Mono

Channel 4: Mono Mix International Sound and FINA English Commentary

Channel 5: CCTV Commentary

Channel 6: CCTV Commentary


Channel 1: International Sound Stereo L

Channel 2: International Sound Stereo R

Channel 3: Stereo Mix of FINA English Commentary & International Left

Channel 4: Stereo Mix of FINA English Commentary & International Right


Registration for accreditation and accommodation is via the FINA General Management System (FINA GMS):

https://data.fina.org using your usual login details.

If you have trouble accessing the FINA GMS or require any assistance with registration please contact the Support Team via aquaticsdb@fina.org

Please note the deadline for registration is 31st October 2018, 23.59 GMT

Visa Assistance is provided by the Organising Committee. Once your registrations have been submitted and approved in the FINA GMS, you will receive invitation letters to apply for the visa at the nearest embassy. For the VISA Guidelines: 

https://www.fina.org/sites/default/files/general/visa_information_-_fina_world_swimming_championships_2018.pdf If you have any problems please contact visa@finahangzhou2018.com

Host Broadcaster

[CNCCTV] - China Central Television
Roman Ling - technical enquiries
+86 186 2151 1201
Xuejing Chen - on-site production enquiries
+86 138 1045 0394
Zhu Ping
+86 139 1050 1281

Rights owner

[ZZEBU] - European Broadcasting Union/Union Européenne de Radiotélévision
Angelique ERNOUL
+41 22 717 2948
Louisa Robinson
+44 7876 561733
+41 22 717 29 38

Programme and timings