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Figure Skating Grand Prix 7/7 Final


HB PROTOCOL: in the DOCUMENT section, you can find the Protocol as kindly distributed by the HB

General Information

Event number: 43537
Date: 05 - 10/12/2018

Booking contact

+41 22 717 29 00

Technical information

Signal Description: Dirty Feed (With Graphics)
Language of graphics: English
Additional video and audio information

Video: HD 1080i - 60 Hz
CH1: International sound stereo left
CH2: International sound stereo right

Onsite facilities

Please refer to the Rate Card provided by the Host Broadcaster. 

Deadline for on-site facilities bookings : 17/11/2018


Host Broadcaster

CBC English Sports

Contact HB

Production: Jeff Pearlman (Executive Producer)
Tel: 416-200-8217 

Business Manager: Vanessa Campion  
Tel: 647-641-3285 

Technical Producer: Mike Tanaka
Tel: 604-219-6277

Jeff Pearlman
+1 416-200-8217
Vanessa Campion
+1 416-205-6365

Rights owner

European Broadcasting Union/Union Européenne de Radiotélévision
Beatriz Pastor y Puga

Senior Sports Rights Manager 
T +41(0)22 717 27 39 
M +41(0)79 744 93 99 

Angelique Ernoul 
Sales Manager 
T +41(0) 22 717 2948
M +41(0) 79 554 7436

Programme and timings


Rate card

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