IAAF World Cross Country Championships 2019


General Information

Event number: 43143
Date: 30/03/2019

Booking contact

+41 22 717 29 00

Technical information

HD-SDI 1080i/50

Audio Distribution:
Channel1: International Sound Stereo Left
Channel2: International Sound Stereo Right
Channel3: English Commentary  with mix International Sound
Channel4: English Commentary  with mix International Sound
Channel5: English Commentary

Channel5: English Commenta

Onsite facilities

Nikki Payne
Cell: +44 7580 721 900
E-mail: Nikki.payne@iaafproductions.org


Event Web-site:  https://www.iaaf.org/competitions/iaaf-world-cross-country-championships/iaaf-world-cross-country-championships-aarhus-6265
IAAF on-site contacts
Frederic Sanchez
Cell: +33 6 07 930 083
E-mail: frederic.sanchez@iaaf.org

Additional Video & Promotional material: 
RHBs can download a selection of promotional footage – and artwork assets - from past IAAF

World Cross Country Championships here:

The link includes:
WXC 2011 Promotional Material
WXC 2013 Promotional Material
WXC 2015 Promotional Material
WXC 2017 Promotional Material – All finish lines
WXC 2017 Promotional Material – Bodycam
WXC 2017 Promotional Material – Ambiance & B-roll
WXC 2017 Promotional Material – ENG Competition Slowmotion (cinematic footage)
WXC 2017 Promotional Material – Warm-up
Each file is available in the following formats: H264 and Apple Prores


To access the IAAF World Athletics Series Broadcasters Accreditation system please visit: https://www.iaafaccreditation.net/wasbas/manlogin.aspx
If accessing for the first time, you will need to set-up an account. If you have already set-up an account please use your existing credentials.
Within the system you will be able to accredit your team and reserve rooms in the official LOC hotel.
Transportation from the official airport (Billund) to the official hotel and back will be offered by the LOC to any RHBs booking this hotel. To that effect, the flights details of the accredited personnel must be entered into the system.

Letters for visas, if needed, can also be requested through the system.?

Host Broadcaster

[GBIAFP] - IAAF Productions Ltd

Host Broadcaster:  IAAF Productions

Rights owner

[ZZEBU] - European Broadcasting Union/Union Européenne de Radiotélévision

European Broadcasting Union
Garret Phelan
e-mail: Phelan@eurovision.net

Ancillary Rights
Angelique Ernoul
e-mail: Ernoul@eurovision.net

Louisa Robinson
e-mail: louisa.robinson@amsworld.ch
Tel: +44 (7876) 561 733

Jean Marais
e-mail: jean.marais@espn.com
Tel: TBA

Programme and timings