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30th Anniversary of the World Wide Web


To celebrate 30 years since Tim Berners-Lee's proposal and kick-start a series of celebrations worldwide, CERN will host a 30th Anniversary event on the morning of 12 March in partnership with the World Wide Web Consortium and the World Wide Web Foundation. Access the WorldFeed content free of charge and free of rights.

General Information

Event number: 44144
Date: 12/03 - 13/04/2019

Booking contact

+41 22 717 29 00
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<p>In 1989 the world&rsquo;s largest physics laboratory, CERN, was a hive of ideas and information stored on multiple incompatible computers. Tim Berners-Lee envisioned a unifying structure for linking information across different computers, and wrote a proposal in March 1989 called &quot;Information Management: A Proposal&quot;. By 1991 this vision of universal connectivity had become the World Wide Web.</p>

Programme and timings