Special Meeting of the European Council


The special meeting of the European Council will take place on Monday 30 and Tuesday 31 May 2022 in the Europa building in Brussels. 

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General Information

Event number: 50604
Date: 30 - 31/05/2022

Booking contact

+41 22 717 29 00

News events contact

+41 22 717 28 40



Eurovision News Events is planning to have a standup position inside the Atrium of the Justus Lipsius building, on the upper mezzanine/balcony.


The distribution of the Host pool signals in the TV and radio booths will now be managed by the European Council audiovisual press department. Please find below a technical overview of the EU Council signal distribution during Summits from now on:

· SDI Signals, both video and audio, will be made available via the usual SDI connections in the booths

· Please note there will not be a panel for local routing in the booths

· During operational days, all media need to request their signal routing in person to the technical crew who will be permanently available in the Matrix Room

· Anyone working for Radio will need to bring their own embedders/de-embedders to receive/send the audio via an embedded SDI signal

· For advance bookings please send a mail, clearly stating your request, to the following address: councilsignals@be.emglive.com

· This service will be free of charge.

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