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Germany is slowly easying restrictions brought in to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. As of the beginning of this week shops under a certain size could be opened. Social distancing rules will stay in place until at least till May the 3rd, with the recommended use of face masks in shops and on public transport. Eurovision News Events is offering standup services with a background of the Brandenburg Gate. For any personalization of our services, please call News Events +41 22 717 2840.

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Event number: 46494
Date: 17/03 - 30/04/2020

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+41 22 717 29 00

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Germany has become the latest country to close borders as European nations try to contain the spread of coronavirus. Germany had initially resisted closing its borders but now its frontiers with France, Austria and Switzerland have been shut to all except commercial traffic. Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced a host of measures limiting social contact including the closure of schools and any large gatherings and the cancellation of both domestic and international travel.


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