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News Exchanges Overview

From a simple start in 1954 allowing television stations in eight countries to share news reports over the newly-named "Eurovision" network, the News Exchanges today offer a platform over which more than 33,000 news items per year are exchanged between Eurovision participants.
Eurovision participants contribute items to the Exchanges on a reciprocal basis, using the Eurovision network for distribution. The Exchanges are organized at regularly-scheduled times, or as required by news developments, and are managed by the Eurovision Operations staff in Geneva.

The content of the Eurovision News Exchanges reflects the participants' own national and international news gathering. More than 100 items air daily on the News Exchanges, providing an invaluable supplement to broadcaster's own news production capabilities.

Additionally, the News Exchanges offer extensive coverage of live events. From the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II to man's walk on the moon to the attack on the World Trade Center, the News Exchanges ensure that important news reaches over 350 million viewers.

There are five different categories of News Exchanges:
News Exchange
Breaking international news stories, major events and general interest news items.
News Futures
Forward planning details for future transmissions of live events and news items.
Sports News Exchange
Extracts from sports events and sports-related news stories such as interviews, portraits and press conferences.
Sports News Futures
Forward planning details for future transmissions of sports news items for next seven and 30 days.
Youth News Exchange - YNE
News stories of interest to younger viewers and and general news items adapted for a younger audience.
Regional Exchanges
Stories focusing on specific European regions, including Eastern Europe, the Nordic and Baltic countries and the Mediterranean.
Live Coverage - CLA/CLP
Live coverage of scheduled major events and breaking news.