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BRICS Summit 2017 China

Xiamen, China
03-05 September, 2017

The 2017 BRICS Summit, the association of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa will be held in the city of Xiamen on China’s southeast coast, across the strait from Taiwan.

The summit will be held under the themeBRICS: Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future." 
It will feature five key priorities such as deepening cooperation, strengthening global governance, carrying out people-to-people exchanges, making institutional improvements and building broader partnerships.

BRICS has grown into an important platform for cooperation among emerging markets and developing countries.

BRICS countries come from Asia, Africa, Europe and America and are all members of the G20. Together, they account for 26.46% of world land area, 42.58% of world population, 13.24% of World Bank voting power and 14.91% of IMF quota shares.

According to IMF’s estimates, BRICS countries generated 22.53% of the world GDP in 2015 and has contributed more than 50% of world economic growth during the last 10 years.


EUROVISION Special Events will offer the following facilities onsite:


  • HD/SD Standup position for Live programme inserts
  • HD/SD Playout
  • Non-equipped workspaces with HB signal
  • Connectivity to the Eurovision Global Network


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