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Dutch General Election, March 15

The Hague, Netherlands
13-17 March 217

On March 15, voters in the Netherlands will go to the polls in elections that will be widely seen as a barometer of anti-EU sentiment in the country.

The populist anti-immigrant, anti EU party of Geert Wilder has consistantly polled above it's political rivals in recently conducted polls. His electoral pledges so far include the closing of all mosques, Islamic schools and asylum centres, a blanket ban on migrants from Islamic countries and a Dutch withdrawal from the EU.

Polling predictions numbers ahead of the election are pointing to a need to form a wide coallition if his party, the PVV is to stand a chance of forming the next government.


EUROVISION Special Events will offer the following facilities in The Hague, exact dates TBA:


  • Standup position for Live programme inserts
  • Playout
  • Connectivity to the Eurovision Global Network


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