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Dopesheet: Canoe Slalom World Cup 3 - La Seu d`Urgell, Spain (22⁄06⁄2012 - 24⁄06⁄2012)

Spain won the first medal of the La Seu d?Urgell World Cup on Saturday when Jordi Domenjo took the top spot in the Men?s C1 event. The popular local received a rapturous applause from the fans as he stood up the podium to collect his gold medal.

Zoom Jordi Domenjo (ESP) won Men?s C1 gold. ?To win at home is amazing after 20 years of paddling at the top level and never having achieved something like this,? said an ecstatic Domenjo. ?Having all these people shouting and screaming is an incredible feeling.?

David Florence and Tony Estanguet pick up second medal of the season

Winning silver was the Cardiff World Cup victor David Florence (GBR) who continued his good form this weekend by delivering a clean and penalty free run that was just 0.004 seconds off the winning time. Pau gold medallist Tony Estanguet (FRA) salvaged his weekend with a bronze medal after falling ill shortly upon arriving in La Seu d?Urgell. Controversy was not far away as Estanguet crossed the line initially placed 6th however on video review a touch was removed as it was deemed a ?water touch? sending him up the result list.

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Shotlist: 00:00:22 00:00:57 INTRO Beauty shot of the city and the venue
"Hello and welcome to La Seu d?Urgell in Spain for the 3rd ICF World Cup Slalom competition of 2012
300 paddlers from 36 Nations will be competing in 5 disciplines, that?s Canoe and Kayak singles as well as canoe pairs for the men.

The action takes place on the legendary parc del Segre course, which of course was the setting of the canoe slalom competition for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic games.
I?m Matthew Leighton so sit back and enjoy the action , but before the racing lets discover more about the course."
00:00:57 00:02:17 CLIP Venue Presentation - ITV JEAN-Michel PRONO
The drop is the same than all international course, an average of 1.6% drop, which is good for this competition. The flow, there is big difference with the previous week-end. We are close to the one we had in Cardiff, 10-11 m3 per second, the trajectory will be tricky, more tricky than in previous competitions. We have alternate double poles gates and single poles gates. Specialy because of this caracteristic river bank narrow, athletes play with the rocks and the banks. It?s still interesting to ask the athletes to play with a range of effort and duration. So they have to play with the full range of their physical ability, and C2 have to face different challenge, because of the room they need, the space they need to go through, specialy on these tricky moves. It?s a good mix. Probably last week-end it was clearly C1 advantage in the course, but here it?s a good mix. The speed downstream is important for the K1, and they are able to get a lot of speed.
00:02:17 00:03:40 C1 MEN C1 MEN 3rd Place
"straight into the action with the canoe singles for men, the top 10 canoe paddlers from the last couple of days will go in reverse order of the times they had in the semi finals . Lets have a look at the top 3 , and first to go is Frances Tony Estanguet , remember double Olympic gold medal winner and last week he obliterated the course, but today he is having a bit of a problem , taking for seconds of penalties early on in the race , its been a difficult week for Tony as he has had a couple of days in bed with a bug, but here he is trying his best.
The canoe slalom, the idea is very simple negociate yourself through 23 gates in the quickest time possible , if you touch a gate that?s the green and white and red and white you receive a 2 second penalty. If the gate is missed altogether then that?s a 50 second penalty , these are immediately added to the times.
Tony Estanguet today 6 seconds in penalties, it was not enough to win but still he had a good competition.

In the slow motion watch how Tony negociates him expertly around the gates, the upstreams are red and white, of the 23 gates in total on the course 6 of them are upstream."
00:03:40 00:04:49 C1 MEN 2nd Place
"2nd today in his very distinctive boat its Britains David Florence he won a silver medal at the Beijing Olympic games and in the first of the world cup series weekends in Cardiff he won the C1 and the C2.
29 year old David , who plays the bagpipes in his spare time, here he is looking for the quickest angle of attack and tries to set himself up by going down the biggest drop of the course, its called Niagra, he choses to spin the boat which takes a little bit more time but diminishes the risk, now it just of negociating the last upstream gate , that?s number 21 of 23 then sprinting as fast as he can over the line , he is clear without any penalty seconds, that?s a very solid run.

David is one of the athletes who also competes in the C2 category.
00:04:49 00:06:05 C1 MEN 1st Place
"Last to go is Jordi Donenkjo from Spain , at the halfway split still very close to the best time, very tight round the upstream gate, a great competitor who has been on the circuit for the last 20 years now.
Tight round 15 , nicely setting up for the next,. Now over the Niagra falls will he go direct or spin, he has gone direct which is normal , as he is a lefty , he had a good approach angle.
Takes the last upstream on his onside and now its just a cast of sprinting over the line , he wins the race, but it doesn?t come much close than that, Jordi wins by 0.04 of a second .
Sometimes we see the gates move even if the athlete hasn?t hit it, its very difficult for the judges, its often a case of water hitting.
Confirmation of the result, 1st Spain , 2nd Great Britain, and 3rd France ."
00:06:05 00:06:34 ITV Tony ESTANGUET (FRA) - C1 MEN Gold Medalist
it's amazing, after 20 years of paddling in the top level, I never achieve something like that, I'm like in a dream right now, having all the people crying, cheering, it was incredible.
00:06:34 00:08:04 K1 MEN K1 MEN 3rd Place
"switching disciplines the action moves onto the Kayak, the mens single ,final here we can see they are sitting in the boats with a 2 bladed paddle , and if we look at the semi final times we would expect them to be faster than the canoes,
France are having a wonderful series so far and here we have 22 year old Fabien Colober, from Brittany from Rennes, the area is not normally associated with top paddlers, here we go ,
Fabian ranked 20th in the world , a difficult gate as he is forced almost on top of the upstream gate 15 but manages to come through it very well, back into the main stream, the technical challenges are always keeping the boat pointed in the right direction and keeping the bow dry.
He now goes down the Niagra falls and takes on gate 19 with a direct approach, a high risk strategy that has paid off today.
In just a case of paddling to the line after the last 2 straightforward gates,he setts himself nicely there for a clean run.
As you can see for these canoeists to wear head protection as well as a buoyancy aid."
00:08:04 00:09:18 K1 MEN 2nd Place
Next to go is Fabian Doerfler from Germany , he seems to have been around for ever , he won his world championships in 2005 , he?s known to be a very powerful paddler , the kayaks that they are paddling today are a minimum of 9 kgs of weight and 3.5 m long with a minimum with of 60 cms, how times have changed. We are on the 1992 Olympic course, and if you are familiar with the course , here at the drop the Niagra falls there used to be a big boulder in the middle , too many people his it so they moved it out the way. This course is known to be rapid narrow and very shallow so a lot of the competitors have been hitting their canoes on the bottom which of course costs them time, he sprints over the line and takes the 2nd place , you are allowed to push of the side and as long as you don?t hit the gates you don?t have any penalties.
00:09:18 00:10:45 K1 MEN 1st Place
"Now onto the man of the moment, Etienne Daille from France, he only ways 65 kgs which shows its not all about froce, its about the power to weight ratio. Etienne has the Olympic berth, he beat Fabian Leferve who was a former great champion.
9m40 setting himself up with a superb technique around gate 15 getting himself back into the flow, how is he going to take Niagra, fighting himself round, maybe loosing a couple of seconds, but he is clean at this stage.
Earlier in the week we have seen some of the biggest names being knocked out by that gate. The last sprint , its going to be close, sprint to the line, and takes the first place, although at a couple of gates he was very close.
Ideal set up for the Olympic Games , he has to be one of the favourites, 2nd in Cardiff, he won in Pau and he has won today .

Confirmation of the result, Frace officially take 1st, Germany 2nd and Frane 3rd. and 4th as well."
00:10:45 00:11:05 ITV Etienne DAILLE (FRA) - K1 MEN Gold Medalist
My races today? semi-finals were normal, in the final I go faster, I had some problem in the last phase, there was a downstream in the right side, but the major part of the run was good, so I can only enjoy this result.
00:11:05 00:12:04 CLIP ITV Ramon GANYET (ESP), Executive Committee Director
the parc del Segre was built in 1991, to prepare the Olympic Games in Barcelone 1992. The Olympic Games are only for 15 days, so we built this to be a sustainable facility. We keep the balance in the budget in 20 years, through the recreation activities together with high top competition. In that particular venue, we have an hydrolic system of the water, with a reversible power station of 1MegaWatt, that permits to pump water when river is quite dry, and permits to produce electricity when the river is too big...
00:12:04 00:13:37 C1 WOMEN C1 WOMEN 2nd Place
"Now a chance for the women to show us what they can do , it?s the canoe singles for women, it became a demonstration sport 3 years ago at the World Championships but not yet at the Olympics.
On the course , if you a fan of canoeing you will instantly recognise the boat , Katerina Hoskova from the Czech Republic , she is the current world champion , she is very compact and manages to deliver a very fluid style, this a real technical test for the women as they are on exactly the same course as the much more powerful men .
She shows why she is the world champion, its all about taking the right line, as you see a certain amonts of caution as she comes down the meter and a half drop, spins the boat , a tactic to cut down the risk, but the current is just too strong , she takes a 2 second penalty seconds after touching gate 19, so far she has 4 penalty seconds, but she is putting together a very strong time, Katerina Hoskona much better than the others so far with one competitor to go , so far takes 2nd place."
00:13:37 00:15:14 C1 WOMEN 1st Place
"Last to go is Caroline Loir from France , knows the course very well , she won last week and is the European champion, and was the fastest in the semi finals, she is using the force of the water , there is no point in fighting against it. A very quick turn around the tricky gate number 15 and just needs to set herself up , very shallow water in this section with several paddlers touching the bottom, and if you look closely at Caroline today you can see that she frequently switches hands on the paddle , like all the others she spins around gate 19 , managing the risks . Slightly loses touch with the last upstream gate, crossing the line a delighted Caroline Loir , the second victory in a row, although she wont be going to the Olympics as this is not an Olympic discipline, but she shows that she is at the top of her sport,
Confirmation of the result, as so often, Frane 1st , the Czech Republic in 2nd and 3rd is Spain."
00:15:14 00:15:39 ITV Caroline LOIR (FRA) - C1 WOMEN Gold Medalist
My run today was very nice, very sweet, I took pleasure, the course is easier than in Pau (FRA), I managed to qualify, and then to make this final, and in this final I made a very nice run.
00:15:39 00:16:10 CLIP On Board cameras
00:16:10 00:17:28 K1 WOMEN K1 WOMEN 3rd Place
"Continueing with the action and staying with the Women, this time it?s the Kayaks and there have been a few surprises, Mailain Chaurraut who has won for the last couple of weeks was knocked out , Corinna Kuhlne the world champion was also knocked out,
And so we are now down to the last 10 ladies in the final, in action is Katerina Kudejova very strong as a junior and under 23, can she dominate at this level, very fluid around the upstream gate 15 she needs to keep as close to the rock as she can , to set herself for Niagra she need to get around the eddy , loses a bit time on the spin , still within reach, with only 2 seconds of penalties, its all about keeping the bow dry and chosing the perfect line."
00:17:28 00:18:40 K1 WOMEN K1 WOMEN 2nd Place
"Now France , ranked number 19 in the World , its Emilie Fer, Emilie so far having a good year as she qualified the French boat for the Olympics, a bit disappointed last week in Pau with her 9th palce , but she is very quick at the half way stage, can she hold it together , she makes the upstream gate look easy,
This is a very rapid course so every half a second can make a large difference.
18m 05 Sensibly spins the boat round to have a wide birth around 19, and now it?s a case of avoiding being washed onto the wall, the current has a tendancy to try and throw you against the wall, but she is too strong for that comes through and would take the initial forst place."
00:18:40 00:20:03 K1 WOMEN K1 WOMEN 1st Place
"And the happy victor of today is 24 year old Ursa Kragelj from Slovenia, she just missed out on the Olympic place so will be trying to prove a point here, she had the fastest time in the semi finals even with 4 penalty seconds. She was quick in the split quick around the upstream and confident down the big Niagara drop, the tactics today were clearly to control the risk and just hold it together , that?s better than most of the men today on the last upstream, crosses the line and delighted with he first World cup win.
Confirmation of the result, Slovenia take gold , followed by France and the Czech republic,
This is a sport for all the familly."
00:20:03 00:20:24 K1 WOMEN ITV Ursa KRAGELJ (SLO) - K1 WOMEN Gold Medalist
It's unbelivable, I had a good day today, even the past week-end, at the previous World Cup, and I'm very happy, I was having fun in training here, I was having fun in racing, it's my first Gold Medal in a World Cup, I'm so so happy.
00:20:24 00:21:58 C2 MEN C2 MEN 3rd Place
"Now the last event we are going to show you today is the canoe doubles for men,
The challenge is that it?s a very narrow course, and with these boats 4.2 metres long its difficult to get both athletes through the gates without touching,
First in action its Robert Behling and Thomas Becker from Germany
As you can see the front man supplies the power the back man has the difficult task of steering the boat
They negociate themselves very well around upstream gate 15, so far no penalties , just need to see how they are going to do on the big Niagra drop, spinning the boat they were a bit caught up actually touching the edge , its now a great problem , well apart from losing time. They are going stightly low on gate 21 that would lose them a couple of seconds, but they do have a clear run which is not easy today,
It takes years of practice to get to this level of understanding."
00:21:58 00:23:22 C2 MEN C2 MEN 2nd Place
"They are not brothers but cousins from Slovakia, Ladislav in the front and Peter in the back 32 and 33 years old , they are triple European Champions and have been on the podium on the World Championships, perhaps they have been under the shadow of the Hochschorner brothers for the last few years but they certanly know how to get down a course,
22 m 25 s as we see them the 2 second penalty given was actually taken off later as it was only the water that moved the post , the only time you receive a 2 second penalty is when you boat, your body or your paddle touches but very difficult to see with the naked eye. The reason it can be changed is that there is a video judge can have a closer look later,
Struggling a little bit on gate 19 , see at the back pushing off the side which is legal and that would be fast enough to put them into 2nd place.

Incredibly difficult to get the two through the narrow gates..."
00:23:22 00:24:52 C2 MEN C2 MEN 1st Place
"And now onto the form team of the moment , they won last week , 29 year old Pierre Labarelle and 28 year old Nicolas Peschier in the stern. These have had excellent results in the singles, although they have been together for several years, they are known for their fast dynamic paddling style.
Again they have been awarded a phantom 2 second penalty as it was the water that touched the gates , again approaching the Niagra drop that?s how to do it, a quick spin not losing any time, its just a case of holding on , round the last upstream gate, 6 upstream and 17 downstream gates, and over the line, with the phantom penalty coming off ,that would be enough to give them 1st place, the second time in a week.
Labarelle and Peschier take gold for France , the Skanter cousins 2nd for Slovakia and Germany with 3rd..."
00:24:52 00:25:14 C2 MEN ITVP. LABARELLEN ⁄ N. PESCHIER (FRA) - C2 MEN Gold Medalist
Hard Semi-finals, we didn't find the good rythme for the run. We try to go faster for the finals, with more rythme, the first part was a little bit hard, we were under the water, but we took speed after, and I think we made a good finish.
00:25:14 00:25:54 CLOSER Closer ⁄ Credits
Thanks for watching , that?s it for today, remember the Olympics Games and then for the World Cup we will see you again at the end of August in Prague


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